The 50 Best Yankee Candle Scents

Yankee candles are known for smelling great, and being great quality. But, if you’re going to splash out on buying one, you want to make sure you’re getting the best Yankee Candle scents possible.

We’ve reviewed Yankee candle best sellers, and compiled a list of 50 of the best smelling Yankee candles.

The 50 Best Yankee Candle Scents Ranked

Below, we’re not only giving our own opinions of the best smelling Yankee candle, but we’ve researched other reviews and best seller lists too and put all that data together to create the list below.

That means that the below list is compiled from a wide range of customers views of the best Yankee candle scents, not just what we like.

1 – Balsam & Cedar

The number 1 Yankee Candle scent and top of the list is Balsam and Cedar. The fragrance of this candle not only includes fresh forest scents that would be expected, but you also get notes of crisp citrus and berries, sandalwood, warm vanilla and musk. This candle is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) Yankee Candle. To hold up with such positive reviews after so many people have purchased Balsam and Cedar, you definitely know you’re getting a top notch Yankee scent here.

2 – Autumn Leaves

Number 2 on our list is Autumn Leaves, which follows on from the forest theme of our number 1 best Yankee Candle. This candle has more of a sweet and fruity fragrance, where you’ll get birch and maple leaves, alongside fragrances such as orange blossom, white pine needles, and berries. Think of this fragrance as leaves and berries, and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect with this Yankee candle scent.

3 – Lilac Blossoms

Lilac Blossoms makes it to number 3 on our list. If you like lavender then the main fragrance notes you’ll get from this candle will be lavender and lilacs. You also get fragrances of waterlily and bergamot coming through this candle. If you love the smell of flowers, and would prefer a more natural smelling candle, then this candle scent is a perfect way to achieve that. It’s the best Yankee floral scent out there.

4 – Apple Pumpkin

Number 4 on our list is Apple Pumpkin. Apple pumpkin is a lovely sweet and spiced autumnal candle option. You’ll not only get fragrances of apples, but also get other sweet and fruity fragrances such as orange, pumpkin, and red fruit. On top of this the spice comes from fragrances of nutmeg and ginger. All of this is topped off with an overall sweetness to the candle. This is definitely a delicious warm and homey smelling scent that will remind you of cosy nights in.

5 – Pink Sands

Pink Sands makes it to the number 5 position, as another bright and sweet scent yet with an essence of spice. The candle is designed to replicate an ‘exotic escape’, and alongside a prominent osmanthus fragrance, you’ll also get other different fruity fragrances, mixed with some warmer ones such as spicy vanilla, musk and woody notes. The Pink Sands scent is a nice blend of fragrances you wouldn’t expect, that works really well together.

6 – Autumn Wreath

It’s no surprise that Yankee’s Autumn scents are making it high on the list, due to autumn being a great time for lighting candles and creating a cosy environment. Autumn Wreath does just that, giving you a very autumnal warm fragrance of apples and spice. You may also notice some other fragrances here such as woody notes and vanilla. Overall it’s a very comforting Yankee scent, that’s perfect for when summer is finished and autumn is here.

7 – Sun & Sand

Sun & Sand as you would expect, is a very summer themed candle. It has a prominent fruity citrus scent with orange and lemon coming through, alongside some floral notes of lavender. If you’re looking to create freshness with your candle scent, then this is a great choice which is nice and light and fresh.

8 – Midsummer’s Night

Midsummer’s Night, is a summer candle but with some bolder woody fragrances mixed in. You’ll mainly get some pine and floral fragrances, alongside some other light fruity fragrances. This candle is definitely unique and bold in its fragrance, and is probably best described as a more complex woodland and musk type scent.

9 – Sage & Citrus

Sage & Citrus is a Yankee scent that blends earthy and herby type fragrances with some light refreshing citrus notes. You’ll mainly get a lot of floral fragrance here, with some more dense musk and woody notes thrown in. This Yankee scent is nice for all year around and will give you a pleasant herb and woody aroma.

10 – Lemon Lavender

Lemon Lavender is a really clean and refreshing blend of citrus and sweet lavender. You’ll get a mixture of different citrus fruits here such as orange, tangerine and lemon, alongside more floral sweet notes of lavender, with hints of vanilla and spice. This is another really nice and inviting Yankee candle scent that blends fragrances you might not expect.

11 – Macintosh

As we move out of the top 10, the Yankee scents are still of a very high standard and shouldn’t be ignored. Macintosh is a long time favourite of many candle lovers, and it does what it says on the tin. Yankee themselves describe the scent as ‘so vividly real… you can almost taste the apple’ and if you love the scent of apple, you’ll be in for a treat. The fragrance is complimented by some nice crisp greens with a hint of musk. If you like candles with an apple scent, then get this.

12 – Magical Frosted Forest

Magical Frosted Forest comes in at number 12 on our list, however it’s as highly rated amongst some Yankee candle lovers as the scents right at the top. This candle is best described as a mixture of wooded pine and fir fragrances, mixed with hints of sweet fruit such as strawberry, pineapple and raspberry. It’s definitely a nice blend and a different fragrance to your more commonly purchased pine or fir type woodland scents.

13 – Christmas Cookie

It’s with sadness that Christmas Cookie is so far down on the list, it’s one of our personal favorites and would probably be number 1 for us (being big lovers of vanilla fragrances). This is a really sweet and homey scented candle, which is named Christmas Cookie for its buttery, sweet and vanilla fragrance. If you like vanilla and sweet candles, this isn’t just for Christmas, this is for all year round. You really will feel like something delicious and buttery is cooking in your home. If you want to create the sense of baked cookies, this is the Yankee Candle scent for you.

14 – Cranberry Chutney

Cranberry Chutney is a really nice fruity spiced candle. You’ll mainly get fruity fragrances here such as cranberry and black cherry, but also alongside that some citrus and tangy notes to give the scent its overall character. If you love cranberry on Thanksgiving dinner then this is going to be the candle scent for you.

15 – Lavender

Sometimes with candle scents you just need to keep it simple, and that’s what Yankee’s Lavender candle scent does. You’ll be reminded of the rich smell of lavender fields, alongside thyme and rosemary, all creating a lovely lavender fragrance. If you like lavender, Yankee have made sure this candle scent will tick all those boxes for you.

16 – Berrylicious

Berrylicious is a really sweet and fruity candle scent, that will remind you of a delicious desert. You’ll get a lot of blueberry fragrance here, alongside some lighter notes of goji berry and blackberry, all with just the right amount of vanilla to create an overall sweetness to the candle scent. If you’re a fan of fruity deserts and delicious sweet things, then this is a great candle scent for you.

17 – Beach Walk

With some Yankee Candle scents it can be difficult to know exactly how they will smell, so let us shed some light on Beach Walk. The main fragrance you’ll get here will be sea moss and salt water, mixed with light orange notes, i.e. trying to replicate the smells of the ocean on a nice beach walk. This candles fragrance gets more depth with other lighter citrus type fragrances such as tangerine, clementine, orange blossom and musk. If you like ocean type fragrances, this Yankee candle scent is a good choice.

18 – Meadow Showers

Meadow Showers is another abstract name where it can be hard to know the fragrance, even with Yankee’s description of ‘an enchanted place where icy breezes playfully dance through tall, snow coated pines’. At least you’ll get the main fragrance here which is one of pine needles, and fir, with some fruity pineapple notes. You’ll also get some other woody and fruity notes here too such as strawberry leaf and raspberry, alongside white cedar. If you want a candle that’s predominantly pine woodland fragrances with some fruit, then this is the scent for you.

19 – Silver Birch

Another more autumnal fragrance, Silver Birch is a mixture of woodland and spice, with strong clove, eucalyptus and cypress fragrances, accompanied by pine. If you like woodland fresh fragrances then this is a nice light candle that blends different elements nicely to create a pleasant overall scent.

20 – Fresh Cut Roses

Another very highly thought of Yankee Candle scent, Fresh Cut Roses delivers as you’d expect with a lovely sweet floral fragrance. You’ll mainly get fragrances of red rose and geranium, which are accompanied by light apple and citrus, as well as powder and musk. If you like roses and floral candle scents, but are put off by some other much stronger perfumed fragrances, this is a nice option.

21 – Black Cherry

The next on our list, is one for fruit lovers out there, and is the rich and sweet Black Cherry. Black Cherry really focuses on delivering that delicious cherry fragrance, and is mixed with some notes of cinnamon, and a hint of almond. If you’re a fan of sweet fragrances, and especially cherry, then this candle scent will be right up your street.

22 – Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon Stick is a candle that aims to give you not only that rich and spiced cinnamon smell, but also other elements that make the scent of this candle really robust. You’ll also get strong smells of clove and cardamom here, alongside hints of bay leaf and cedar wood. So this is definitely a mixed spiced candle scent, rather than just a sweet cinnamon one.

23 – Sugar & Spice

Following on from the spiced candle scent theme, Sugar & Spice is an excellent spiced option, but with lots of added sweetness. You’ll get the spiced fragrances such as clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, but also fragrances such as sugar, butter and vanilla. This mixture really adds to the overall fragrance of the candle, and makes it a good option for those wanting a spiced candle scent that’s also deliciously sweet.

24 – Sparkling Cinnamon

Extremely similar to Cinnamon Stick (if not mostly identical bar the candle colour), Sparkling Cinnamon is another spiced cinnamon option. If you’re looking for a cinnamon candle, either of these are good options, so see Cinnamon Stick above for more details on fragrances.

25 – Sugared Pumpkin Swirl

One of the more highly rated Yankee fragrances, Sugared Pumpkin Swirl is a really sweet and robust pumpkin fragranced candle, that’s perfect for pumpkin lovers. You’ll not just get the raw pumpkin fragrance here, but you’ll also get sweetness from honey, and hints of caramel, vanilla bean, cedar wood and cinnamon. This candle has just the right amount of spice to keep this candle still nice and sweet and warmly fragranced, but with a more interesting overall scent.

26 – Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea is a really nice delicate blend of, (as you would expect) jasmine and green tea. You’ll also get some citrus notes of bergamot and lemon here too, which adds a nice element to the overall scent.

27 – Clean Cotton

Clean Cotton is an ideal air freshener type candle scent, which has been made to not only smell like clean cotton, but also have a floral element and hint of lemon. You’ll mainly be getting lily of the valley and rose fragrances coming through here, with hints of greens, bergamot, and woody notes. This is a really nice light smelling Yankee candle scent that will give a clean fresh smell to a room.

28 – Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home, is primarily a sweet spiced type candle, which features a warm blend of cinnamon and baking spices. If home to you is the smell of a spiced cake, then this could be your perfect candle. You’ll get nutmeg, cherry and juniper berries, with other fragrances of apple cinnamon and musk. A very homey warm scented candle for sure.

29 – Catching Rays

Catching Rays is designed to feature fragrances of orange and golden amber, to give a feeling of being warmed all day in the sun. Whether it does this is another question. However, the candle is nicely scented, with fragrances of lavender, rosemary, geranium, and other notes of orange, amber and musk.

30 – French Vanilla

French Vanilla, is a vanilla candle that should be the number 1 candle scent choice for vanilla purists. With a main fragrance of vanilla bean, you’ll be getting pure vanilla here which will suit people who don’t like the sweetness of some other vanilla candles. You’ll also get milky notes and butter fragrances here, so you’ll be getting a nice warm vanilla scent here.

31 – Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze is a really refreshing tropical scented candle, that includes strong fragrances of tropical fruits. You’ll get a lot of pineapple, grapefruit and mango here, with other notes of peach musk and exotic fruits. If you like the scent of exotic fruit, this is a nice blend of some favorites that will be right up your street.

32 – Red Raspberry

Red Raspberry is a candle that aims to replicate the sweet but tangy nature of raspberries. You’ll get lots of berry fragrances here, including strong strawberry, blackcurrant, and black raspberry fragrances. You’ll also get notes of sugar and musk, alongside orange and sweet mandarin. This is a really nice blend of different berries that does a nice job of creating a lovely raspberry scent.

33 – Mediterranean Breeze

Mediterranean Breeze aims to replicate the warm salt air of the Mediterranean, and features strong citrus blossoms fragrances. Alongside this you’ll get hints of oakmoss and driftwood, as well as other elements designed to give the Mediterranean Breeze effect. It’s a nice, light and fresh smelling citrus candle scent.

34 – Strawberry Lemon Ice

Strawberry Lemon Ice aims to providing a refreshing scent of strawberries mixed with lemon peel, sweet mixed with citrus. It does a really good job here, and provides a dominant strawberry fragrance, that is assisted by notes of lemon and sugar. This is a really nice combination of fragrances that gives the candle the scent of a lovely iced drink.

35 – Garden Sweet Pea

Garden Sweet Pea has a delicate floral perfume, that is a lovely option for those who like sweet perfumed fragrances. You’ll get fragrances of freesia and ozone mist, with other notes of sweet pea, pear, peach, vanilla and musk. So there are lots of different fragrances here that add some nice depth to the overall scent of the candle.

36 – Honey Clementine

For those who like a bit more of a fruity warm scent in there candle, Honey Clementine is a great option. You get the main clementine scent alongside nice citrus notes and sweetness from honey. This is a really nice take on the sweet and citrus, and is a nice ‘orangey’ scented candle option.

37 – Sicilian Lemon

If you’re looking for citrus and especially lemon, this is the candle for you. Sicilian Lemon has a really fresh and zesty fragrance, but with some nice sweetness added in. You’ll mainly get fragrances of tart lemon, alongside hints of vanilla and sugar to add in the sweetness. So this is a really nice lemon citrus candle scent.

38 – Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a really clean and awakening scent. You’ll get a strong fragrance of eucalyptus alongside fruity notes, and also some greens, herbs and musk. This is a nice refreshing candle that’s quite unique in the kind of fragrance it offers and is worth giving a try if you like clean and fresh smelling candle scent.

39 – Café Al Fresco

Café Al Fresco is designed to be a coffee scented option, but one that has a milky base. You’ll definitely get this with a strong fragrance of a milky cappuccino, alongside other coffee fragrance, sugar, caramel and a hint of cinnamon. If you like the smell of a nice milky, sweet coffee, this coffee candle scent definitely ticks that box.

40 – White Gardenia

White Gardenia is another really nice floral scented candle designed to give you the fragrance of lush white gardenias in full bloom. You’ll mainly get fragrances of gardenia, jasmine, lily, and freesia here, alongside musk and woody notes, as well as a hint of fruit. Therefore, this is a really nice blend that’s mainly floral but with other fragrances to give the overall scent a bit more complexity.

41 – Patchouli

Patchouli, aims to give the spicy and sweet aroma of exotic patchouli. This Yankee scent definitely achieves this with main fragrances of jasmine and patchouli, alongside hints of sweetness and vanilla, mixed with clove and cinnamon. If you like spicy sweet, then this is another interesting Yankee scent for you.

42 – Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach aims to provide not only a coconut scent, but also a fruity and tropical element too. You’ll get strong scents of fresh coconut here, alongside pineapple, vanilla and musk. It’s a really nice tropical scented candle, but with a strong coconut element. Think more pina colada than coconut scent alone.

43 – Spiced Pumpkin

Spiced Pumpkin is a candle scent that’s more of a spiced scent than Sugared Pumpkin Swirl which is sweeter. This Yankee scent has more focus on the spiced fragrances such as cinnamon and clove. You’ll also get citrus notes, alongside vanilla here. It’s still a really nice pumpkin scent option, but you’ll also get extra spice here and less sweetness.

44 – Honey Lavender Gelato

Honey Lavender Gelato is a sweet take on a lavender scented candle. You’ll get strong lavender as the main fragrance here, accompanied by notes of blackberry, vanilla cream and honey to all add sweetness. Overall this is a nice sweet Yankee scent and a different take on lavender.

45 – Berry Trifle

Berry Trifle is a creamy take on a berry candle scent. You’ll smell fresh berries here, with notes of vanilla cream to give the trifle or desert effect. The main berry fragrances are strawberry and blueberry, with hints of raspberry, alongside the pudding elements of vanilla, cream and sugar. This is definitely another nice sweet desert Yankee candle scent.

46 – Moonlit Blossoms

Moonlit Blossoms is a floral scent with notes of fruit and berries, designed to replicate a moonlit stroll through a rich floral forest. You’ll mainly get fragrances of jasmine, ylang ylang and lavender, with hints of blackberry, pomegranate, amber and musk. This is definitely an interesting and very nice Yankee scent that mixes floral with hints of fruit and musk.

47 – Blush Bouquet

Blush Bouquet is a very floral and perfumed scent, which aims to replicate a bouquet fit for the centre of a table. You’ll get strong fragrances of peony, sweet pea and lily here, with hints of amber and cherry blossoms. Therefore this is a very fragrant and floral Yankee candle scent that will be a good choice for flower lovers out there.

48 – Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose

Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose is another floral Yankee candle scent, that also adds an element of apricot and orange. You’ll get strong fragrances of apricot roses and gardenia petals, with other notes of apricot, nectarine, and musk. Therefore think of this Yankee scent as a floral rose scent with a hint of other elements.

49 – Alfresco Afternoon

Alfresco Afternoon is a very fresh fragrance designed to be a ‘picnic in the shade surrounded by wildflowers and juniper buds’. This is a similar style candle to the Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose, in that it’s a mixture of floral with a hint of apricot. In this Yankee candle scent you’ll get juniper, and nectarine blossoms as the main fragrance, with other notes of eucalyptus, and conifer leaves. So this scent is another interesting blend of different fragrance types.

50 – Autumn Pearl

Autumn Pearl is yet another floral blend, but this time a blend between orchid, vanilla and freesia, all topped off with a sugary sweetness. This Yankee candle scent is an interesting mix between floral fragrances with some nice sweetness on top that will give the scent a wide appeal.

Yankee Candle Buyers Guide

Why Yankee Candles are so popular

Yankee Candle is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) names in candles. This is because of their wide ranging scents and candle types, so there will be an option for all different types of candle lovers. Not only this but Yankee has a reputation for quality in the candles they produce and they tick some key boxes for candle lovers.

The key reasons Yankee candles are so popular is they are:

  • Long lasting/Good burn time
  • Have nice and varied fragrances, with seasonal options
  • Are overall good quality candles and a trusted name

Yankee make sure to select good quality ingredients for their candles, as well as using high quality wax and natural fibre wicks. So you can be sure you’ll have a candle that won’t let you down.

The common complaint with Yankee candles, can be that their scents have got weaker over time. Or that they smell better in the jar than when lit. Whether this is true or not, is up for debate.

The strength of smell of a candle is a personal preference, and it’s common to have the same candle receive negative reviews for being both too strong and too weak. So it’s important to look upon your own experience of what candles you like and take it from there.

Things to look for in your Yankee candle

When it comes down to candles everyone has their own tastes and favourites. Our top 5 choices at the end of this article, will give you a selection that should suit your needs.

However, Yankee candles come in different sizes and formats, and pricing will vary depending on this. So you should choose the size and format candle that suits your needs.

The different formats of Yankee candle are:

  • Sampler votive
  • Small classic jar
  • Medium classic jar
  • Large classic jar
  • Large tumbler
  • Medium perfect pillar

The classic Yankee candles, as you might have guessed, are jars. These provide a good all in one option that you can just set down and light, without needing anything else.

Classic jars also contain the wax within (so aren’t messy/don’t require a separate container) and provide a really good burn time. They come with lids so can be stored away if you don’t want your candle out for a while.

We would recommend the larger classic jar candles. These tend to be better value for money than the smaller candles, as you’ll get more burn time for your buck.

We’ve also found that you may notice a slightly stronger scent with the larger candles as well, so this helps to avoid some of the complaints of Yankee candles that the scents aren’t strong enough.

Choosing the right Yankee candle scents

So what kinds of scents should you look for in your Yankee candle? Yankee have a HUGE variety of different scents, so there will likely be lots that meet your preference.

However, with such a large selection, it can sometimes be difficult knowing where to start with choosing the right and best Yankee candle for you.

Scented candles are always of course, a personal preference. However, there are some things you can look out for to make sure you’re choosing the right one, that will help you narrow down your choices from Yankee’s wide selection.

You should start, by choosing a candle scent that fits in with other types of candle scents you enjoy. For example, do you like sweet fragrances, spiced fragrances, or floral fragrances? Or perhaps the most important thing for you is a natural fragrance. Some prefer lighter smelling fragrances, as opposed to strong smelling candle fragrances. These are all things you should consider when deciding which is the best Yankee candle scent for you.

You may also like to vary your choices depending on the season, so in that case there are different scents that will tix those boxes. Autumn and winter/Christmas candle scents are very popular, and there are a wide variety to choose from here.

If you’re still unsure on which scents will be best for you, then our top 5 candle scents below will steer you in the right direction.

Health and Saftey when burning your candle

It is important that you are aware that scented candles can be toxic, especially when burned for long periods. Yankee Candle uses cotton based wicks and are known to use essential oils in their scents, however, they do still use paraffin wax which emits harmful vapours. We personally enjoy Yankee candles and believe that everything should be used in moderation. For us, the comfort and joy a candle brings elevates our mood which is why we believe balance is key. Remember to monitor your burn time and be aware of the effects.

When burning candles, it is of course important to consider safety. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Although some Yankee candles do come in their own containers, you still need to be careful where you burn your candle. So make sure that you’re burning your candle somewhere away from flammable objects, and again that you never leave a burning candle unattended.

Summary  – The 50 Best Yankee Candle Scents

There you have it, our list of the top Yankee Candle Scents.

It’s often so hard to distinguish between these scents as so much of which Yankee candles you’ll like will come down to personal preference.

So we tried to take any bias out of it, and rank them according to all the information we could find on what actual Yankee customers have said. The overall best Yankee Candle scents came out as, Balsam & Cedar, Autumn Leaves, and Lilac Blossoms.

However, our personal (and very biased) favourite is still Christmas Cookie! As we love cookies and anything that has a strong and sweet vanilla smell.

So don’t just pick the top ranked candles on this list, have a look and pick ones that suit candle scents you’ve liked in the past. Or use this list and our rankings to find a new Yankee scent you might want to try.

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