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Blue Lagoon Iceland Face Masks

Hi, we’re Giles and Alecia, the founders of keep it wellness.

What started as a bit of an obsession with scented candles, essential oils and lots of different things to make our home a little bit cosier; turned into a growing love of all things health and wellness.

We love all of those little things we can all do and add to our lives to make them that little bit better.

Once you start to embrace and add some of these health and wellness aspects, one small step at a time, you really start to see improvements in overall wellbeing.

So we started Keep It Wellness, to share our knowledge and expertise about different things in health and wellness, and help spread the benefits of adopting health and wellness practices into your life.

The mission for this site

We’re both passionate about making sure you can enjoy the little things, as well as treating yourself once in a while (as you can see by our picture above enjoying silica mud masks in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland).

We want to help you enjoy health and wellness by not only educating you on the best practices and their benefits, but also by reviewing relevant products so you can make sure you’re spending your money on the right things.

Overall, we hope that the information on this site can help you enjoy more wellness in your life.

How we create content

We often try to get hold of items we review on the site, but if we can’t then we will extensively research any items we review, and of course would never recommend something we wouldn’t use ourselves.

We create the content ourselves, giving our honest views and opinions to help you get all the knowledge you need about different wellness practices and products.

What’s in it for you?

If you’re a beginner into the world of wellness, or have been engaging in wellness practices and using wellness products for a long time, you’ll be sure to find content here that will be useful in adopting more wellness into your life.

So we hope you enjoy what you find here, and don’t forget to keep it wellness.

Giles & Alecia

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