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Soy wax is a natural and affordable option for candle making. But what is the best soy wax for candles?

With so many different grades of soy wax, mysterious numbers, and online retailers, it can be difficult to know if you’re getting the right soy wax for your needs.

Well in this article we go through 3 of the top choices of soy wax, that are each a different grade, to help you find the best soy wax for candle making.

Below are the soy wax options we’ll be reviewing:

1. Candlemaker’s Store 444 Natural Soy Wax
2. Golden Wax Natural Soy Wax 464
3. Organix Natural Soy Wax
4. Hearts and Crafts Soy Wax
5. YRYM HT Soy Wax

If you’re looking for the best soy wax for candles in a hurry, we’d recommend The Candlemaker’s Store 444 Natural Soy Wax.

Best soy wax for making candles – Comparison & Review


1. Candlemaker’s Store 444 Natural Soy Wax

The 444 soy wax on our list, by the Candlemaker’s Store, is a very good wax blend ideal for making container candles. The wax is blended with a 2% additive which aids in giving the wax a cleaner finish and has a melting point of 121-125 degrees. This particular 444 soy wax can hold up to 15% fragrance and also can be blended with other waxes. The main downside here is that the wax is quite soft so won’t be as good for free standing pillar candles.


  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Burns really nicely
  • Takes scent well
  • Nice finish
  • Holds colour well
  • Ideal for container candles


  • Bag weights can be inconsistent
  • A softer wax not as suitable for freestanding candles

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2. Golden Wax Natural Soy Wax 464

The Golden Wax 464 soy wax, is blended with a soy additive to enable the wax to have a smooth finish and superior hot and cold throw.

It is a single pour with a 115-120 melt point and is another good choice for beginners. This wax is particularly strong at holding color and looking good, so is a great choice for container candles. However, there are sometimes, unfortunately, inconsistencies in the batch quality, which is a shame.


  • Great for homemade candles
  • Take scent and dye well
  • Excellent finish


  • Quality issues with packaging
  • Not always batch to batch consistency

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3. Oraganix Natural Soy Wax

Often if you’re in need of more wax, you’ll also be in need of more wicks and other materials. That’s where the Organix Natural Soy Wax package comes in. You will receive 10lbs of natural, sustainable soy wax, 150 wicks and 3 centring devices.

This soy wax blend is praised for good scent throw and an even, clean burn.


  • Comes with wicks and centring devices
  • Sustainable and eco friendly
  • Good scent throw
  • Clean Burn


  • The wicks may not be up to standard for some

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4. Hearts and Crafts Soy Wax and DIY Candle Making Supplies

Similar to the Organix wax, the Hearts and Crafts Soy Wax is like a smaller version. It contains 5lb of natural soy wax, 100 wicks and two centring devices. The wax has a superb scent throw and burns clean and even. The only thing to consider is that these wicks may burn quicker than others.


    • Comes with wicks and centring devices
    • Sustainable and eco friendly
    • Good scent throw
    • Clean Burn


  • The wicks burn quickly

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5. YRYM HT Natural Soy Wax 

Another great natural soy wax kit to consider is by YRYM HT. It contains 10lbs of soy wax, two centring devices, and 200 wicks, as well as 200 glue dots to help keep the wicks in place – something the other packages don’t offer.

There is good value for money here as it is slightly cheaper than the other packages with more wicks and glue dots. However, they are rated lower because of the wick quality and lack of instructions.


    • Comes with wicks, centring devices and glue dots
    • Good value for money


  • Quality of the wicks
  • Lack of instructions

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Soy Wax Buyers Guide

Why choose soy wax?

The main types of candle wax are paraffin (commonly used in a lot of store bought candles), soy, and beeswax.

Soy is one of the best wax for candles as unlike paraffin it is natural, and unlike beeswax takes scent really well. Therefore it covers all bases you’d look when deciding on the best wax for candle making.

How to choose the best soy wax for candles

When choosing soy wax for your candle making, you want to consider what types of candles you will be making, and what’s important to you.

Do you want a smooth finish to your candle? A candle that is a stand alone or pillar candle? One that can take color or scent well?

There are different factors to consider, and your choice of soy wax will definitely factor in this decision.

We’ve written a guide to the whole candle making process elsewhere, and we’ll discuss more about the different types of soy wax later on in this article.

However the main differences between different soy wax, is the percentage of soy wax and which other blends or elements are added to the soy wax.

Not all soy wax is 100% soy wax.

For example, some soy waxes are indeed 100% natural soy wax, but others have other added blends of wax or additives to improve certain qualities of the wax.

Choosing the right quantity of wax

You should make sure you buy plenty of wax for your candle making, as the wax will often condense down significantly when melted.

Soy wax will come in bags of lbs quantity, and generally, 1lb in weight will mean 20 ounces in candle volume.

If in doubt, just buy a larger bag to cover yourself.

What are the benefits of soy wax vs other types of wax?

The main three types of candle wax are paraffin wax, soy wax, and beeswax. They all have different qualities too them, and where it gets even more confusing is that you can also get different blends of the different waxes.

The benefits of soy wax for candle making, are that soy is a natural choice that has the benefits of both beeswax and paraffin wax without some of the downsides.

It’s a wax that’s only been used more recently in the last 30 years or so but is growing in popularity.

Soy wax like paraffin takes color and scent well, so is ideal for making your own candles. However, unlike paraffin, it is made from natural ingredients and has a cleaner burn with no black smoke.

Beeswax, although also natural with its own scent, does not take scent or color well.

Therefore, soy wax is ideal, as it is both natural, and great for candle making.

Different types of soy wax

So now we know that soy wax is the wax for us, what is the best soy wax for candles?

It can be a bit of a minefield buying soy wax, as often different sellers will use similar suppliers. So in our view as long as you choose the right blend for your needs, you’ll be on the right track.

Different soy waxes can also have different:

  • Melting temperatures
  • Pouring temperatures
  • Cooling temperatures
  • Ability to take colour
  • Ability to take the scent

What do soy wax numbers mean?

With so many different qualities to different soy waxes, a good way to choose can be using the number system.

Soy wax numbers are essentially the different grades of soy wax, and give you a clear guide as to the amount of soy wax in each

These soy wax numbers also vary depending on the blends of other wax used, as well as soy wax quantity.

For this article, we’ll be reviewing 3 of the most common soy wax numbers/grades, 415, 444, and 464.

415 soy wax – 415 tends to be the most expensive, as it’s the 100% pure version of soy wax, without any additives or blends. The main downside of 100% soy wax is that the finish isn’t as smooth, as it doesn’t have any additives to help this.

444 soy wax – 444 is similar to 464 in that it’s ideal for being able to take fragrance and color. However, the main difference is that it has a slightly higher melting point that 464 so it better for use in hot weather.

464 soy wax – 464 is one of the most popular soy waxes and is known for having a strong fragrance. It’s ideal for making container candles.

There are lots of different grades and blends of soy wax to choose from, however, if you’re starting out then these three are an ideal selection.


The best overall soy wax we reviewed is The Candlemaker’s Store 444 Natural Soy Wax.

This soy wax had all the benefits we wanted and is ideal for making all sorts of great container candles.

When we make our own candles we look for a smooth finish, clean burn and ability to take scent, and this soy wax ticks all of those boxes.

If you’re looking to make your own candles, soy wax really is a fantastic option, and the 444 grades are ideal for all sorts of common homemade candle making.

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