Best LED Candle – Top 5 Picks & Buyers Guide

LED candles are a safe and attractive alternative to traditional open flame candles, but which is the best LED candle?

In this article we review 5 different LED candle choices, that come in different styles and that have different features. So you’ll be sure to find an LED candle that suits your needs.

Following the review is our buyers guide, when we explain more about LED candles, and why you should consider them over traditional candles.

Best LED Candles

1. Homemory Flickering LED Tea Lights 12 Pack

The Homemory Flickering LED tea lights are the first on our list and are really attractive small LED candles. We’d consider them more like very small candles than just tealight sized, measuring 3.7 cm in diameter and 3.2cm high

You get 12 in the pack, and they have a warm white color with a wave style design. They also have a nice bright light with flickering effect and do a really good job of replicating real candles.

They are battery-powered, and you also get batteries included, which is a nice touch. With batteries, you’ll get 100 hours plus for each candle too, which is very good.

Overall these are really nice attractive candles that are ideal for events or setting where you want multiple smaller candles.


  • Nice and bright light
  • Good size and design can be used in many different settings


  • Light might not be warm enough for some tastes
  • Manually operated, no remote or timer option

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2. Tear Wave Shaped Wax Simulation Candles 3 Pack

The next candles on our list are tear wave wax simulation candles, measuring 3 inches wide and 2.5 inches high so a nice medium-sized option, and there are 3 included in total.

They are powered by 3 AAA batteries and have a flickering candle design with moving wick, which creates a really nice and realistic candle effect.

Another feature is that they are remote-controlled, and have 4 timer modes: 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours.


  • Remote control is really useful and timer settings also great to save battery
  • Very realistic flicker effect


  • The candles melt if exposed to heat, so aren’t suitable for outside

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3. VONT LED Flickering Bright Tealights

The VONT LED tea lights are next on the list and are a fantastic tealight option. You’ll get 36 in total, and they are exactly the size you’d expect tea lights to be. So you’ll have plenty of options to put them all-around your home.

They measure 2 x 2 inches and for small LED candles actually have a very long battery of up to 72 hours. Although they don’t have the flickering effect, they have a ‘dancing glow’ effect, with a nice and warm light to boot.

Overall a very good substitute for traditional open flame tea lights that will look very pretty and attractive wherever you put them.


  • Nice warm light
  • Good value with so many tealights included


  • Flame isn’t quite as realistic as other candles, with less flicker

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4. Aku Tonpa Flameless Candles 3 Pack

The Aku Tonpa flameless candles are a set of 3 large ivory LED candles. They are very long-lasting with up to 200 hours expected battery life when using good quality AA batteries (which is what powers these).

They are also remote controlled, and have plenty of nice features including timer settings, and dimmer settings, alongside turning them off and on obviously.

A more unique feature of these is that they are actually made from real paraffin wax, which gives them a very realistic look. However, this does mean that they won’t be as suitable for putting in warmer locations as they might melt.


  • Lots of customization option
  • Realistic with a warm glow


  • Made from real wax so will melt under heat

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5. Enpornk Set of 12 Flameless Candles

The final LED candles on our list are the Enpornk flameless candles set of 12.

These are another remote-controlled option, with timer settings (2,4,6, and 8 hours) and dimmable brightness control.

These will look good in a variety of settings however are definitely more of a value option, and aren’t quite as good build quality as some others.


  • Smart remote control with lots of great options
  • Very effective as lanterns
  • Made with real wax shell


  • Not as attractive design
  • Build quality isn’t as good as some other LED candles

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LED Candle Buyers Guide

What are LED candles?

LED candles are simply flameless candles that are powered by electricity (usually batteries). Think of them as tiny lamps designed to replicate a candle.

Types of LED candle

LED candles come in different designs and sizes. The most common are a warm white color, similar to common plain un colored candles. They come in different sizes, often tea light, small candle or pillar size.

LED candles are also made out of different materials, including some LED candles even being made from paraffin wax. So this should be taken into account if you’re thinking of keeping your candle somewhere warm as some might melt.

LED candle features

LED candles have the basic feature of being able to turn them off and on. However, some LED candles may have other features such as remote controls, timer settings, and dimmable light control.

If you want your LED candle to have some of these features then make sure to choose the right candle with a remote. However, if you’re just wanting a flame-free candle then these extra features might not be necessary

Benefits of LED candles

The main benefit of LED candles is safety. You can get similar aesthetic benefits with many LED candles as you can with burning traditional open flame candles.

They can also be turned off and on via remote control, put on timers, as well as have their brightness controlled as touched on above.

Further, they can last longer than larger traditional candles, with some LED candles having over 200 hours before they run out of power, and unlike traditional candles that are gone once the wax is gone, they are reusable time and time again.


Overall, LED candles are an attractive and very affordable alternative to traditional candles that can be used time and again. There are plenty of different designs and options to choose from too!

The biggest stand out for us with LED candles has to be their affordability. For the uses you’ll get from them they really are a fantastic addition to your home.

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