The Best Himalayan Salt Rock Candle Holders – A Buyers Guide

What are Himalayan salt rock candle holders?

You have probably seen a Himalayan salt rock lamp whether on Instagram or even in your own home. Himalayan salt rock candle holders are made of the same pink-ish material, but rather than a light bulb heating up the rock tea lights or pillar candles do.

How does Himalayan salt rock therapy work?

Himalayan salt rock lamps and candles work by heating up the rock which then allows it to emit natural ionizers, or negative ions, which are actually a positive thing. It helps detoxify the air and give off good vibrations. Waterfalls and waves are said to give off the same calming effect by changing the charge of the air around them.

What are the benefits of Himalayan salt rock candle holders?

Himalayan salt rock candles are not only pretty and set a calming mood, but they have many wellness benefits. Foe example:

  1. Improves air quality and removes odours
  2. Helps with Seasonal Affective Disorder
  3. Boots your mood and reduces stress
  4. Improves your sleep
  5. Promotes healing

History of Himalayan Salt Rocks

Himalayan salt rocks are said to have been discovered by Alexander the Great however some records date all the way back to the 1200s. The salt is mostly mined in Pakistan and Punjab and exported throughout the world is enormous quantities for eating and to be made into lamps and candle holders.

How to use a Himalayan salt rock candle holder

Himalayan salt rock candles work best in the evening to help set the mood and create a calming atmosphere. It is best if you sit near your salt rocks or have them close by so that you can feel the change in ions around you. We find they can be extra useful when meditating or having a relaxing bath.

What to consider when buying Himalayan salt rock candle holders

Obviously, it comes down to personal preference however there are a few things to consider when purchasing your salt rock candle holders, such as:

  1. Size
  2. Shape
  3. Style
  4. Color
  5. Quantity

Recommended Himalayan salt rock candle holders

We’ve gathered a list of our top favourite salt rock candle holders so you can find your perfect match.

Nevlers Natural Handcrafted Himalayan Salt Tealight Candle Holders 

This 6 pack of candle holders give you great value and is in a natural rough cut shape with the usual pink hue.

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Mockins Natural White Himalayan Salt Tea Light Candle Holders

Similar to the Nevlers candle holders these Mockins salt rocks come in a 6 pack also but are in a unique white shade.

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Li’Shay Natural Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Tea Light Candle Holder

If 6 candle holders feels like too many, check out Li’Shay’s 4 pack of diamond cut holders in natural pink.

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Salacia All Natural Himalayan Salt Rock

We love these Salacia salt rock holders because of their special Yin Yang shape, reminding us of the balance of life.

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Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Heart

Another unique design by Himalayan Glow is this heart-shaped rock for a sweet touch. You can check out their other designs for more inspiration.

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Himalayan Secrets Cone Shape Candle Holder


Last on our list is the Himalayan Secrets cone-shaped candle holder with a twisted holder. This candle has a more elegant and sophisticated look rather than the usual rough cut.

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Types of candles to use with salt rock candle holders

You may be wondering which candles are best to use with you salt rock candle holders. No matter what, we always recommend soy wax, beeswax candles or rapeseed oil wax to use because they are made from natural and pure ingredients. You can check our previous posts on soy wax for candle making here and beeswax here.

Adoria Soy Wax Tea Light Candles

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Compostable Cup Rapeseed Wax Tealights

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Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles

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How to care for your salt rock candle holders
Salt rock candle holders are pretty low key maintenance wise, however, it is important to know that salt rock and water or moisture do not go together. Do not place your salt rocks near dewy windows, hot steaming showers or even humidifiers and diffusers. You may also want to cleanse your salt rocks energy every so often by smudging.


Salt rock candle holders are a wonderful tool to use in your wellness practices. They help set an atmosphere, but also literally change the energy in the room and reduce stress, which promotes healing.

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