The 10 Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Large Rooms

Essential oil diffusers are a great addition to any home, however often it’s difficult to find the best essential oil diffuser for large space.

The most popular essential oil diffusers are usually much too small, or they don’t have the capacity to diffuse large quantities of essential oils without needing to be constantly refilled.

So we’re here to help, with our review of large essential oil diffusers, ranging from 400ml all the way up to a massive 6 litres. In this article, you’ll find 10 of the best options.

We also go through some tips on how to choose your aromatherapy diffuser and outline what to look for, and outline some of the pros and cons of large capacity essential oil diffusers.

If you’re in a hurry and looking for the best overall diffuser for large space, then the stand out is the Aroma Outfitters Essential Oil Diffuser 500ml. It’s not as big as some others, but has a large capacity, beautiful design, and is one of the best quality diffusers you can buy.

The Top 10 Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Large Space

We’ll now go through our choices for the top 10 best essential oil diffusers for large space. We’ve listed these in size order, from 400ml all the way up to 6 litres (6000ml).

These choices tick a lot of different boxes for what we look for when we’re choosing diffusers, and particularly ones that have the capability of filling large rooms.

1. Everlasting Comfort Diffuser – 400ml


The Everlasting Comfort Diffuser, is the first on our list and is also the smallest at 400ml. Although smaller than the others, if you’re looking for an essential oil diffuser for a large space, it could do the trick with it’s 50ml/hr output.

This diffuser is also one of the best looking diffusers on our list. It features a modern, natural wood grain design, comes in natural grain or black grain, and has 7 LED color options. So will look great in your home or wherever you need it.


  • Powerful for its size (max. 50ml/hr output)
  • Compact for a large capacity diffuser
  • Visually very attractive & natural looking
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The lowest capacity diffuser on the list
  • Output might be too low for larger rooms

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2. Aroma Outfitters Essential Oil Diffuser – 500ml

The Aroma Outfitters Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the best quality diffusers out there. It’s made from premium iron metal for durability, and has a really attractive modern and unique design.

With its 500ml tank, the diffuser is large enough capacity that it will last up to 24 hours. There are also 2 different mist output settings so you can control the output at your will.

This essential oil diffuser also has 7 different colored LED lights that unlike many other diffusers are actually really gentle and not too bright. Which means this diffuser works great as a night lamp too.

The diffuser contains many features you’d expect and hope for, such as quiet mist sound, and auto shut off too.

Overall this is a really attractive, high quality, and effective diffuser that although not specifically designed as an essential oil diffuser for large space, will work well in larger spaces.


  • Excellent quality materials and product
  • Looks fantastic
  • Lasts up to 24 hours


  • The output might not be enough for very large rooms

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3. InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – 500ml

The InnoGear 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser comes in natural wood grain or black wood grain, and is another attractive large essential oil diffuser option. With its 500ml capacity and adjustable mist settings of strong or weak, you’ll be able to diffuser enough mist to fill larger rooms.

You also get 4 timer settings with this diffuser, 1hr, 3hr, 6hr, or steady on. So some nice customization options here.

There are a couple of downsides however; the first one being that you can’t operate this diffuser with the light off and it’s also not the quietest.

However, overall this is another good choice for a diffuser that can be used for a large space, but also can be used every day in your home too.


  • Nice looking wood grain design
  • Good customisation with the 4 timer settings and 2 mist settings


  • Can’t operate with the light off
  • Not the quietest

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4. PuraSense Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – 550ml

The PuraSense Ultrasonic Aromatherapy diffuser is 550ml, and has a dark wood grain appearance and nice simple design. It comes with lots of good features such as a waterless auto-off function, so the diffuser will automatically turn off when water runs out.

In terms of customisation, the diffuser comes with 7 LED light colors, as do many diffusers, but each of these have 2 different brightness settings which is a nice touch. You’ll also get 4 time settings of 1hr, 3hr, 6hr, or continuous. As well as quiet coolmist technology for quiet diffusion.

Overall this is a really nice large essential oil diffuser with lots of nice features. It’s not one of the best quality you can buy, but it’s right up there as a great choice.


  • Waterless auto-off function is useful
  • Lots of customisation, with light settings, time settings, and ability to change mist output


  • There are sometimes quality issues with some functions not quite working

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5. Aromacare Large Essential Oil Diffuser – 600ml

The Aromacare Large Essential Oil Diffuser comes in at a decent capacity of 600ml, and runs between 12-18 hours. It has a natural wood design, coming in three shades of wood grain, with lower lights, and also has the auto shut off features which is a nice touch.

There are two mist settings so you’ll be able to increase the diffusion for larger spaces.

Although this diffuser has some nice features and a decent capacity, it isn’t quite as impressive in its performance and quality as some others and the design isn’t the most attractive either. But overall it’s still a decent diffuser.


  • Good capacity and output


  • Design isn’t the most attractive
  • Some quality issues

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6. ASAKUKI Premium – 700ml

The Asakuki 700ml premium oil diffuser has a sleek square box type design, with 7 different LED colors to select from, making for an attractive addition to your room.

There are other features such as 2 levels of quiet to select from, adjustable light brightness, mist density control, and also an auto safety switch.

The diffuser again isn’t as large as some of the others on the list, however it’s capacity is still a lot bigger than most regular diffusers.

So for those looking for a customizable diffuser able to cover large rooms, this could be the one for you.


  • Has a 1 year warentee and 6 month money back guarantee
  • Lots of customization options
  • Automatic shut off


  • Some people have had quality issues
  • Not as powerful as some of the larger diffusers

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7. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser – 1000ml

The URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser boasts some impressive output range and capacity. Allowing you to select from 50ml to 150ml per hour.

This gives you a really great amount of control over your diffuser and allows you not only to fill a large space if you need to but also use the diffuser for less output if you want to move the diffuser to a smaller room.

With the 1000ml capacity, you’ll not be needing to refill your diffuser too often, and the auto shut off feature is yet another nice addition. As with most diffusers, you also have 7 LED color options to select from as well as timer options and a remote control.


  • Great range of output for different room sizes
  • Large capacity so requires less refilling
  • Shuts off when water runs out
  • Visually nice looking, with night light function


  • Slightly noisier than others on full mist
  • Small green power light can’t be turned off (might be an issue at night if you need total darkness)

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8. Exqline Diffuser – 1500ml

Moving up again in size, the Exqline 1500ml Diffuser is the first on our list that has been specifically designed for large rooms. It has a very large capacity of 1.5L, and adjustable output of 100ml-150ml.

It’s not one of the more attractive on this list, but it still has the 7 LED color options to choose from.

If your priority is finding the best essential oil diffuser for large space and aren’t concerned about how aesthetically pleasing the diffuser is, this definitely ticks that box.


  • Very large capacity of 1.5L
  • Doesn’t require as much refilling due to large capacity
  • Designed for large rooms
  • Doubles well as a humidifier
  • High output of up to 150ml per hour
  • Very quiet for a large diffuser


  • Not that easy to clean and maintain
  • Not that attractive design
  • Water level float can malfunction

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9.BlueHills Premium XL Essential Oil Diffuser – 4000 ml

Although it might not look it from the picture, the BlueHills Premium XL is a huge capacity diffuser, coming in at 4000ml.

It’s definitely the biggest purpose built diffuser on our list, and the 4000ml water tank is much bigger than many other diffusers out there. It can also act as a humidifier.

The diffuser also has a powerful output, and the option to choose from high or low output settings. It will run up to 70 hours on the low output setting.

There are 7 different LED light colors as well as a safety auto-switch that prevents it from overheating in case it runs out of water.


  • Huge capacity at 4000 ml
  • Doubles as a diffuser
  • Power output control
  • 70 hours run time
  • 7 LED lights


  • Not as easy to operate and refill etc as some others
  • Isn’t as high quality as some other diffusers

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10. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – 6000ml

The largest diffuser on our list is the Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, is actually more of a humidifier that doubles as an essential oil diffuser.

This has the highest output out of any diffuser on our list. So if you just want to fill a huge room and can bypass other issues, the 270ml per hour output is by far the most on this list.

However, the size of the humidifier, and the fact it is at first a humidifier, and second an essential oil diffuser, also means that it hasn’t been geared up specifically to be a diffuser.

This means the quality isn’t quite as good as the others, and importantly it doesn’t have a built in filter which means you’ll need to use distilled water.

It also isn’t the most attractive, and doesn’t have any LED customization options like the other oil diffusers on the list.


  • Huge capacity of 6L (6000ml)
  • Compact for it’s capacity size
  • Huge output of 270ml per hour, so great for large rooms
  • Doubles as a humidifier
  • Quiet for it’s size


  • No built in filter, need to use distilled water
  • No LED customization options
  • Difficult to clean and maintain
  • Can have issues with leaking

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Our Recommendation

In summary, the best essential oil diffuser for large space is the Aroma Outfitters Essential Oil Diffuser 500ml.

Although this diffuser isn’t as big as some others, it has the quality we were looking for in a diffuser, and a capacity and output big enough for larger spaces.

If you’re specifically looking for the best BIG diffuser, then our choice would be the URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser.

We chose the URPOWER, as it has a great range of output of between 50-150ml, rivaling that of some larger diffusers. But it is also very user friendly, easy to fill, and has lots of customization options.

We’ve tried to provide a variety of different essential oil diffusers here, with different designs and functionality. So have a look through the list and decide which essential oil diffuser for large space is right for you.

Essential Oil Diffuser Buyers Guide

Choosing the best essential oil diffuser

If you’re wanting an essential oil diffuser to cover a large space, then the key things you need to consider are: capacity and output.

You shouldn’t just consider the capacity/size alone, as you could have a diffuser with a massive capacity, but can’t actually output enough to cover your large room. Therefore, it’s also key to consider what output options you have with your essential oil diffuser.

Some of the best essential oil diffusers, not only have large outputs, but also allow you to choose the output. Therefore you can decide how much vapour you want the diffuser to omit, depending on where and how you’re using your diffuser.

Advantages of large essential oil diffusers

The advantage of choosing a larger diffuser, isn’t only that often they are more robust and can have more customization options. But also, you have to refill the water compartment much less often.

If you have a really large capacity for your essential oil diffuser, this means you can leave it running for hours and hours and not have to worry about refilling it constantly.

Not to mention, if your diffuser has a large output also, this means it will be more capable of double as a humidifier too.

What to watch out for with large diffusers

So, although larger diffusers can be great for large spaces, there are some things to watch out for.

You want to make sure you can control your output as much as possible, in case you want to use your diffuser in a smaller room, or just want less output than you thought you did.

Also, often once diffusers get to be a bigger size, they can suffer from moving more towards being a humidifier first and diffuser second.This can result in less customization options, less quality, and also less visually appealing diffusers.

Further, you should be aware that high output diffusers/humidifiers, will cause your room to have a lot more moisture. Therefore if you’re worried about this, a humidity monitor can be a good idea to make sure you’re not creating too much of a damp environment in your home.

Essential oil diffuser maintenance

Best practice for essential oil diffusers, is to use distilled water. This is because the distilling process gets rid of impurities, so for you means that you’ll need to clean your diffuser less. It also means that the life of your diffuser could be prolonged.

However, in the grand scheme of things, we haven’t found it to be a big issue. Distilled water is hard to come by.

Check out these other tips for cleaning and maintaining your diffuser.

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