3 Ways to Let Your Struggles Serve You

When times get tough it can be all to easy to slip into a giant pity party and get your head lost in a cloud of negativity. This is a normal human reaction, but if we learn how to take a step back from our problems and look at them with a fresh perspective, you will often find that your struggles are here to serve you.

I promise I haven’t completely lost it (yet) and I will share some of my struggles I have faced that I have ultimately embraced and genuinely are thankful for. There is always, always a way to practice gratitude and to allow yourself to grow from issues.

Here are some difficulties I have faced, and why I love them to give you some perspective.


When I was young I struggled with dyslexia, and school was a major problem for me. I often felt far behind everyone else, completely lost and beyond frustrated. However, I love my dyslexic brain. Why?

It taught me the importance of working hard, and gave me an extremely determined mentality. It showed me that perseverance can pay off, and I was able to go from a failing student to winning awards over the years by never giving up. Not to mention I know that it has blessed me with a creative mind.

Depression and anxiety;

I suffered hard with depression for a few years, and I quite literally hit rock bottom at some points, but I wouldn’t take back that experience for anything.

It taught me to be grateful for the little things, to ask for help, and to appreciate health and happiness beyond measure. Whenever I have an amazing day, I now find myself pausing and thanking myself for being here and I am able to take in the moment with a lot more love. Most importantly, it has helped me help others.

Now it’s easy to look back on these things and recognize the positives they have brought into my life and that they were always meant to be apart of my journey.  I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. The trick is to learn how to embrace your struggle in the moment and continually acknowledge how it will make you a stronger person.

This has helped me immensely with my SIBO journey, as whenever it gets a little too much I take a deep breath and mentally list off the ways in which it is helping me. I know it is teaching me about my body, helping me take my nutrition more seriously, strengthening my self-love and connecting me to a wonderful community. I know that I will be able to look back on this journey with a grateful heart, and that makes the struggle a lot more bearable, because I know it is serving me.

So how exactly can we practice gratitude for our struggles? Whether it’s a health problem, heartbreak, family problems and so on, trust that it is here to serve you and that you can better yourself from the experience.

1. Write it Down

Take a moment to list down all of the positives that may come from your difficulties in a journal. This will help the positives really sink in and you can reference it whenever you are feeling down, or add to it as you discover more about the journey.

2. Only Voice the Positives

Try to cut the negative talk and complaining. The more you discuss the negatives, the more they will have an impact on you. By doing your best to remain positive you will manifest good, healing energy. Of course everyone has the right to grieve, voice frustration and have a moment of weakness, but overall having a positive attitude can really lift your spirits. If you find yourself thinking negatively simply acknowledge the thoughts internally and let them pass.

3. Be Open with Others

Sharing my SIBO journey with others has been incredibly healing, and I know that the more I share the easier things are going to get. Share what you are going through and allow others to help you with your burden. Whether it is talking with a friend or reaching out to a whole community knowing that you’re not alone will make things seem a lot less daunting, and you will be able to see the positives a lot clearer.

I hope these tips help you feel more positive about the struggles you face and shed some light into your life.


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