The 5 Best Bath Pillows

Bath Pillows can add luxury and comfort to your bath experience, but with so many different options, which is the best bath pillow?

There are plenty of different bath pillow shapes and sizes that come in at different price ranges and offer a surprising amount of different features.

Therefore, in this article, we’ve cut through the noise and outlined 5 of the best bath pillows you can buy.

If you’re in a hurry, our recommended bath pillow is the Soothing Company Bath Pillow, due to its overall comfort and quality.

Best Bath Pillow Product Reviews

Below are our reviews of 5 of the best bath pillows you can buy, all offering slightly different features and benefits.

1. Best Overall Bath Pillow – Soothing Company Bath Pillow


The Soothing Company Bath Pillow is an excellent quality, well cushioned bath pillow, that’s designed to be supportive and durable.

The bath pillow has 6 suction cups to keep it firmly secured on the bathtub, and similar to a lot of the other good quality bath pillow options, it has an air-mesh fabric to keep the pillow cool, comfortable, and aid in quick drying. As well as being comfortable, the pillow’s stitch pattern also aids in providing grip and support.

When it comes to drying and washing this bath pillow, it comes with a protective bag that makes it machine washable, and also a hook to hang and dry the pillow. Overall, it ticks many if not all of the boxes for what you’d want in a good quality comfortable bath pillow, it’s comfortable, durable, and easily dries and is washable.


  • Fits all sorts of bathtubs
  • Very comfortable
  • Provides good all around support
  • Easy to clean and dry


  • Suction cups could be more durable

2. Best Easy Dry Bath Pillow – Epica Luxury Spa Bath Pillow

The Epica Luxury Spa bath pillow makes it to our list for being a great, easy to dry, clean and wipe option, that also provides good comfort with double thickness foam.

It has 7 suction cups, so an extra suction cup compared to a lot of other bath pillow options. This makes it very good for staying in place properly whilst using, and avoiding the common issue with bath pillows of them slipping down. The material is moisture resistant which helps prevent moisture absorption and aid in quick drying.

This bath pillow is a good value option, where you’ll be getting decent quality for the price. However the main downside is that it may not be suitable for all types of bathtub.


  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Very strong suction cups
  • Comfortable
  • A good value option


  • Won’t work well on bathtubs without much of a rim

3. PRETTY SEE Bath Pillow

Although the PRETTY SEE Bath Pillow is a strange brand name for a bath pillow, don’t let this put you off.

The bath pillow has the common 6 suction cups, and its ergonomic design is built with ultimate comfort in mind. It’s also mould and mildew resistant and machine washable.

It is also suitable for plenty of different sizes or shapes of bathtubs, so will work for regular baths and Jacuzzi tubs.


  • Provides good support for your head and neck
  • Quick drying
  • Very comfortable
  • Strong suction cups


  • Suction cups can be felt through the pillow for larger people
  • Not as thick around the sides as the main cushion section

4. Best Full Body Bath Pillow – QuiltedAir Bath Pillow and Spa Cushion

The QuiltedAir Bath Pillow and Spa Cushion makes it onto our list as the only full body bath pillow. If you’re looking for extra support around your back, tailbone and hips, then the full body orthopaedic shape of this bath pillow will suit you well. The cushion goes along the bottom of the bath and up the top so you’ll be supported all around.

It’s supported by 11 extra strength suction cups, and we mean extra strength. If anything they can sometimes be too strong and difficult to remove. But if you’re looking for your bath pillow to be strongly secured then you’ll definitely get that with these extra strength suction cups.

Although the bath pillow is large, it is made with quick dry anti-mildew material, and is machine washable, coming with a bag for placing it in the washing machine. This full body bath pillow can get a bit awkward to dry and store because of its size. But overall, it’s an excellent large bath pillow option.


  • Very comfortable
  • Full body support, not just head and shoulders
  • Very strong suction cups


  • More awkward to store and dry due to its size
  • Suction cups are so strong it can be hard to remove

5. Gorilla Grip Original Spa Bath Pillow

The Gorilla Grip Original Spa Bath Pillow is an option that provides a good deal of thickness compared to a lot of other bath pillows out there.

Its 3-panel design allows it to sit over the edge of different types of bathtubs. It comes with 7 powerful suction cups so you don’t have to worry about it slipping.

The pillow itself repels water and its surface is easy to wipe away clean, as well as being breathable. The only thing to consider is that if you use a lot of soap the material can become slippery.


  • Good thickness and support
  • 3-panel design
  • Very powerful suction cups
  • Easy clean


  • Becomes slippery with soap

Bath Pillow Buyers Guide

The health benefits of hot baths

Check out this quick video on the health benefits of hot baths.

Benefits of using bath pillows

Bath pillows’ sole purpose is to provide a more comfortable bath experience. Often your average bath isn’t designed to be ergonomic and as comfortable as perhaps it should be, so having a bath pillow can really make your bath experience more enjoyable. Not only this, but if you have frequent baths, or spend long periods of time in the bath, you could be putting unnecessary strain on your body if you’re not in a comfortable or supported position. Therefore, as well as creating a comfortable experience that allows you to be in the bath for longer, you can also ease some of the strain and pressure on your body.

Another big benefit of bath pillows is that they enhance the relaxation of your bath. The more comfortable you are, the more relaxed you’ll be, and the better your bath will make you feel overall.

Bath pillow key features

So what should you be looking for in bath pillows? Unfortunately, bath pillows are not all created equal, and there are lots of different features to consider when making your choice of bath pillow, which we’ll go through now.

Size and Shape

The first key factor in choosing the right bath pillow is the size and shape of the bath pillow. Most bath pillows tend to be designed to support mainly the head, neck and shoulders. However, you can get some bath pillows that support your whole body (one of which is reviewed below). So decide what areas you need the most support from in your bath pillow and choose accordingly.

Will your bath pillow fit your bath?

You should also be careful to choose a bath pillow that will actually fit on your type of bath. Some bath pillows are actually designed for certain types of baths so they won’t work on all bath shapes. The most common reason a bath pillow won’t be suitable is if you don’t have a wide enough edge/rim to your bath for your bath pillow to stick to. So bear this in mind when making your choice.


Comfort is obviously an important and key factor to consider in a bath pillow. Like all pillows, bath pillows come in different thicknesses and designs that are aimed at providing different types of comfort in different areas. Some bath pillows will just support your head, whereas other bath pillows may be designed to envelop your whole neck and shoulder area.

Alongside comfort, a big factor in this will also be the material that your bath pillow is made of and how breathable the pillow is. You don’t want a material that makes you feel hot, sticky and uncomfortable.


Durability should also be an important factor to consider when choosing your bath pillow. As it’s all very well having one or two nice baths with your pillow, but ideally you want it to last for the long term. That means choosing a bath pillow that holds up in quality over time and has been manufactured with longevity in mind.

Drying Time

Alongside durability, is bath pillow drying time. No-one wants a bath pillow that gets mildewy and gross. Therefore, look for features in your bath pillow that aid in it drying quickly and efficiently. So you don’t get a nasty old damp smell from a wet bath pillow.


If you’re wanting your bath pillow to last a long time (and for hygiene purposes), you’ll ideally want to be able to wash your bath pillow. Some bath pillows are actually machine washable, coming with accompanying bags that allow you to safely wash your bath pillow in the washing machine. This is a great addition as it allows you to keep your bath pillow fresh and clean even after multiple uses.

Suction Strength

All bath pillows will come with suction cups, to attach the pillow to the bath and stop it from slipping when you’re resting on it. So consider how many suction cups your bath pillow will have, and also how strong and durable these are. The strength and quality of bath pillow suction cups can actually vary significantly, so bear this in mind and make sure you choose a pillow that won’t slide around or lose its suction.


When reviewing the best bath pillows, we had lots of features to consider that are desirable.

Most quality bath pillows tend to be made from high quality breathable material, that dries quickly. Therefore the main differences in what makes the best bath pillow, tend to be around comfort, suction, durability and versatility.

The standout bath pillow has to be the Soothing Company Bath Pillow, as it ticks all of these boxes we’d look for.

It’s excellent quality, fits different types of baths, is super comfortable, and all the features you could want or need.


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