Best Meditation Chairs – 5 Best Picks & Buyers Guide

Meditation chairs can increase your comfort whilst meditating, and provide extra support. But which are the best meditation chairs?

In this article, we review 5 of the best meditation chairs that offer different levels of support that will be suitable for different people.

If you’re looking for meditation cushions, we’ve reviewed the best meditation cushions elsewhere on the blog. The main difference in meditation cushions is that they are just to sit on, whereas meditation chairs will offer extra back support.

Best Meditation Chair

1. Friends of Meditation Chair

The Friends of Meditation Chair is another purpose-built meditation chair, designed by yoga teacher Swami Shyan Unmesh, and available in multiple colors.

This yoga chair is especially good for people looking for ultimate comfort and back support. It has the full length back support as opposed to just the lower back, so is good for anyone with back pain.

Included is the main chair with backrest, and a detachable curved extra back support section for keeping your back aligned, as well as a detachable 3 inch zafu for raising hips and avoiding numbness in legs. You’ll also get a complimentary bag here which is useful for transportation.

Overall this is a very comfortable meditation chair that provides good all-around support, however, it may not be strong enough to support large or taller people above 6 feet.


  • Very comfortable, with useful accessories for making it as comfortable as possible
  • Useful for those who need extra back support


  • Not suitable for larger or taller people as support might not be strong enough or large enough
  • Included case isn’t great quality
  • Premium price compared to some other options

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2. Malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair 

The Malu Luxury Floor Chair is another option with several positions, making it ideal for both meditation and relaxation. It is made of a washable cover and vegan leather accents. A meditation guide is included with your purchase designed to help all level of meditators.

The chair is portable and easy to take on the go meditating in the park or to take to the yoga studio. The only area of improvement is that it could use a little more cushion over time.


  • Several seating positions
  • Washable
  • Portable


    • Could use thicker padding

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3. Sundale Floor Chair

The Sundale Floor Chair is the first-floor chair on our list, that’s not purpose-built for meditation, however, is very suitable for meditating and ideal for floor seating.

The chair is thickly padded for comfort, and there is strong back support with an interior locking mechanism providing 5 positions for support.

It’s also very easy to carry or store, and it’s possible to recline the chair fully flat. The cover is also zip-able and removable for easy cleaning and washing.


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to store and adjust


  • Not specifically designed for meditation

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4. NNEWVANTE Adjustable Floor Chair

The NNEWVANTE Adjustable Floor Chair is another multipurpose floor chair that’s also suitable for general use or sitting.

Similar to the Sundale, the chair has an adjustable backrest with 5 angles ranging from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

This chair has an ergonomic arched back design to increase comfort, as well as being made using comfortable materials that are washable and lightweight.

Overall this is a very comfortable good value chair, however, the backrest might not be used or necessary for some.


  • Very comfortable, with adjustable backrest
  • Lightweight and multifunctional


  • Not specifically designed for meditation so high backrest might be un-used by some

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5. bonVIVO Easy II Padded Floor Chair

The final padded floor chair on our list is the bonVIVO Easy II. Another multipurpose floor chair, this is another chair that’s suitable for meditation.

There is good back support with the backrest supporting people up to 220lbs, and the chair is made from easy-clean material so wipe-able and machine washable.

The chair has a nice attractive design and is lightweight and portable, however, isn’t as good quality as some other chairs on this list.


  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not the best quality, or as durable as some others

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Meditation Chair Buyers Guide

The difference between a meditation chair and meditation cushion?

The main difference between a meditation chair and meditation cushion, as touched upon, is the back support.

Meditation chairs often have partial or full sections at the back that allows you to sit back and rest against the chair, whereas with meditation cushions these are just designed to sit on top and raise your hips and you keep your back supported yourself by sitting up straight.

Therefore meditation chairs are more suitable for people who want the extra back support and don’t want to sit supporting their own back.

What to look for in a meditation chair?

When you’re looking for a meditation chair, different chairs can offer different functionality so you need to choose one that will suit your needs.

A lot of meditation chairs will have extra features to improve comfort and you whereas other meditation cushions might need to be placed on a soft surface for extra comfort, with meditation chairs you shouldn’t need anything else at all.

You might also want to choose a multifunction chair as your meditation chair. Often these have similar designs if not quite as ergonomic. But it’s often useful to have a floor chair that you can just use in your home as well as for meditating. On top of this multipurpose floor, chairs are often lower in price too!

The benefits of meditation chairs

The main benefit of a meditation chair is increased comfort. If you’re more comfortable this means you’ll be less distracted by aches and pains whilst meditating, and will be able to have more effective meditation.

Using a meditation chair also means that you won’t be putting as much strain on your body if your body isn’t comfortable sitting in traditional meditating positions without extra support.

Overall if you find you try to meditate sitting, but just can’t get comfortable or find the right support. Then a meditation chair is a great option for you.


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