The 20 Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners

Yoga DVDs are a great way to learn yoga from the comfort of your own home. But with so much choice, which is the best yoga DVD for beginners?

In this article we outline 20 of the best yoga DVDs for beginners, which all offer different benefits and yoga routines. So you’ll be able to get started with yoga, and turning from yoga newbie to pro in no time.

Top 20 Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners

1. Yoga for Beginners with Jane Adams

Jane Adams’ Yoga for Beginners is an extremely accessible beginner yoga DVD which offers plenty of value and content.

You’ll get 2 DVDs included here and a run time of 288 minutes, so a lot of content included. Jane clearly explains and lays out all of the basic principles of yoga in a really clear and easy to understand manner, all with the backdrop of Glacier National Park.

We particularly rate this DVD as it thoroughly breaks down yoga into clear different sections of working and educates you, so is great for beginners. Not only this, but you’ll be able to work your way through the DVD and move on to yoga slightly beyond the beginner level.

Overall this yoga DVD stands out for is hitting just the right level for beginners, which often yoga DVDs struggle with.

2. Yoga Boost – Beginner’s Yoga System


Yoga Boost is one of the most contemporary yoga DVDs out there, and has actually been updated for 2019. So you’ll know you’re getting the latest in yoga.

The host is Dean Pohlman, a popular YouTube yoga instructor who has produced this DVD to help people use yoga to build muscle, lose weight, prevent injuries and relieve pain. The DVD has a run time of 96 minutes, and is split into 4 sections: sharpen, strength, sweat, and stretch.

All of this has been designed for beginners, and people who are less flexible. So it’s very accessible. The workouts are short but intense, and Dean provides clear instruction throughout. This DVD is definitely more focused on yoga for fitness, rather than the more spiritual elements.

Overall, although the style might not be to everyone’s tastes, if you’re looking for a yoga DVD for beginners with a fitness focus, this is the yoga DVD for you.

3. Yoga Journal’s Complete Beginner’s Guide


Yoga Journal’s Complete Beginner’s Guide is an excellent beginner yoga DVD that explains and shows yoga poses in great detail.

You get a 360 degree view of 35 different poses here, so will learn a great deal of yoga information that will help your future yoga practice. The DVD comes as a 2 disc set, with a run time of 120 minutes. It includes 3 different practices: a complete 60 minute beginning practice, a 15 minute energizing practice, and a 15 minute calming practice.

Overall this yoga DVD is very well paced, clear and easy to learn. Some parts might be more challenging for some, but overall this is still a great beginner yoga DVD.

4. Rodney Yee’s Complete Yoga for Beginners


Rodney Yee is a very well known name in the yoga world, and has released over 30 yoga instructional videos and DVDs. His Complete Yoga for Beginners is another really great option if you’re looking to get into yoga.

With a run time of 80 minutes, this DVD is broken down into 4 practices: beginner, flexibility, energy and relaxation. So you’ll get a really good variety of some of the different uses and benefits of yoga here. You’ll also get a downloadable pose guide, which is a nice touch.

Overall this is a really great beginners introduction to yoga, and you’ll be able to experience the 4 practices and see which most suit you.

5. Bodywisdom AM/PM Yoga for Beginners


The Bodywisdom AM/PM beginner yoga is a very easy to follow and full of yoga content, with over 10 different routines included.

The 10 routines in this DVD amounting to a run time of 240 minutes, are of different lengths of time and difficulty. So you get a nice choice of yoga routines here. The DVD is taught by Barbara Benagh, who has been a yoga instructor for over 40 years.

Overall this is a great yoga DVD for beginners, whilst still providing enough of a challenge

6. Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners


Element’s Hatha & Flow yoga DVD is focused on two yoga programs: Hatha, which increases flexibility and dissolves stress and Flow, which builds strength and stamina.

The DVD has a run time of 67 minutes, so not quite as long as some others, but is really clear and concise in its programs, and if Hatha and Flow sound like they are what you’re looking for, it’s an excellent beginner option.

The only slight downside is that this yoga DVD might not be the most suitable for all beginners, as it might be slightly too difficult for some. But you should think of it as a slightly more challenging beginner yoga DVD.

7. Yoga for Beginners: Poses for Strength, Flexibility and Relaxation


Yoga for Beginners: Poses for Strength, Flexibility and Relaxation, has been designed specifically with true yoga newbies in mind. So if you have never done yoga, this is a great choice.

The pace is slow, and the moves and poses adopted here are extremely suited to beginners. This does mean that it might be slightly too basic for some, but if that’s what you’re looking for then this will be great.

With a run time of 65 minutes, and not quite as well produced as some of the other best yoga DVDs on the list, this has its flaws. However, if your main priority is making sure your beginner yoga DVD is easy, this is a good option.

8. Jane Fonda: AM/PM Yoga for Beginners


Jane Fonda is probably one of the biggest yoga celebrities on this list, and her AM/PM yoga for beginners DVD is a really good beginner yoga offering.

The DVD is presented in a nice ‘class’ format, so it makes you feel like you’re participating in a real yoga class. The instructions are really easy to follow and focus on having proper form.

The run time is only 50 minutes, however this is a very accessible DVD suitable for beginners and seniors, that’s well produced and uniquely presented.

9. Beginners Yoga and Beyond with Tara Lee


Beginners yoga and beyond with Tara Lee, is designed to build the foundations of your yoga practice. The DVD includes 3x 20 minute sequences, all based on the earth element, and these routines are gentle on the body and back.

All together you get 95 minutes run time with this DVD, so a decent amount on offer. However, this yoga DVD is one of the more advanced beginner DVDs, so it might not be the best for absolute beginners to yoga.

10. Element: Beginner Level Yoga

Element’s beginner level yoga, is hosted by Alanna Zabel and includes 2 yoga programs and a bonus meditation, amounting to a total run time of 78 minutes.

The pace is really good for beginners, being nice and slow and explaining things well. You’ll also get a good amount of focus on form and the detail of different poses.

On top of this, the bonus meditation is a nice touch, especially as yoga and meditation can complement each other nicely. Overall this is another nice, well paced good yoga DVD for beginners.

11. The All-Day Yoga Workout – AM, Stress Relief and PM Yoga for Beginners

The all-day yoga workout contains 3 programmes taught by 3 different yoga personalities, Rodney Yee, Suzanne Deason and Patricia Walden.

The programs taught are AM yoga for beginners, PM yoga for beginners, and stress relief yoga for beginners, so a nice variety here.

Overall this beginners yoga DVD has a run time of 100 minutes, and really great production value and setting. So a good option if you’d like to try different instructors and yoga suitable for different times of day.

12. The 10 Minute Solution: Yoga for Beginners

If you’re rushed for time and like a quick workout, then the 10 minute solution: Yoga for beginners will be a great beginners yoga DVD for you.

There are 5x 10 minute yoga routines included in this DVD, and the run time is 55 minutes in total. The instructor is Angie Stewart, who is a certified yoga instructor and fitness professional from LA.

This is will be the best beginner yoga DVD for those who have limited time, however as the workouts are quick, it might be slightly too challenging for some absolute beginners.

13. Lilias! Complete Yoga Fitness Beginners & Seniors


The popular TV yoga personality Lilias’ DVD, Complete Yoga Fitness Beginners & Seniors, includes 3 different programs designed to work different areas of the body. This DVD includes 2 discs, and has a total run time of 106 minutes.

The main yoga programs included are: arms & abs, legs and buns, and cardio challenge. Alongside this is a bonus ‘serenity now’ section, which is more about calm relaxation and focus, than fitness.

Overall this DVD is well paced with clear descriptions throughout, however again the DVD might be slightly too advanced for some.

14. Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond


Yoga stretch for beginners and beyond, is another more modern yoga DVD hosted by Jessica Smith, certified trainer, instructor, wellness coach and YouTube host.

The DVD contains a 30 minute AM energizing routine, and a 30 minute PM relaxing routine. These routines are very gentle and absolutely ideal for beginners. They really fulfill their purpose of being energizing and relaxing respectively. So if you’re looking for a beginner AM/PM yoga DVD, this is a good option.

15. Rodney Yee: Abs Yoga for Beginners


At only 30 minutes run time, Rodney Yee’s abs yoga DVD is one of the shortest on the list. However, it does what it says on the tin, and provides yoga focused specifically on the abs, which not many other yoga DVDs do.

The DVD features one 20 minute session workout, which is still nice and gentle for beginners looking to work this focused muscle area.

So if you’re looking for value, there are other DVDs which offer more content. But although not much of it, the content here is good and targeted at abs, and that is where the value lies.

16. Yoga For 100% Complete Beginners: Yoga Fundamentals For All Shapes and Sizes


Yoga for 100% complete beginners, really is that. Contrary to some other DVDs which claim to be for beginners but are actually slightly more advanced, this is for absolute yoga newbies.

This yoga DVD demonstrates the yoga poses, through an instructor teaching someone in the video, so it feels like you’re part of a class.

It’s also nicely paced for beginners, with plenty of time to get to grips with the yoga poses. So overall an excellent complete beginner yoga DVD.

17. Bodywisdom Yoga for Beginners


One of the best selling yoga DVDs out there, Bodywisdom’s yoga for beginners has an impressive run time of 378 minutes. So you’ll be getting bags of content for your money here.

The instructor is Barbara Benagh, who has practiced yoga for over 35 years, and goes through 8 different routines in this DVD. It is suitable for beginners of different ages, but may not go into enough detail if you’re completely new to yoga.

18. Yoga for Beginners & Beyond – 3 Bodywisdom DVD Set


The first box set on our list, Yoga for beginners and beyond is actually a set of x3 Bodywisdom yoga DVDs. You’ll get the Yoga for beginners above (number 17 above), AM/PM yoga for beginners (number 5 on the list), and the third DVD is titled Essential yoga for flexible people.

If you’re wanting to get lots of yoga content and plenty of routines to work through, these 3 DVDs have a massive 600 minutes run time, so 10 hours worth of yoga content, including over 40 yoga routines. This is definitely the option for people wanting quantity, and lots of yoga routines included.

Some parts of the DVDs might be slightly too difficult for absolute beginners, but you can always work on the easier routines then work your way up. Overall, for value these are some of the best yoga DVDs for beginners.

19. Restorative Yoga Practice: Gentle Beginners Sessions


Restorative Yoga Practice is the first beginner DVD in the restorative yoga style. Designed for deep relaxation, rejuvenation and healing.

It’s very different from many other yoga styles and will require blankets and a bolster or pillows to maintain the different poses. This is because each pose is held for several minutes, so you need extra support.

You’ll get plenty of content here, with a run time of 270 minutes, and 6 routines of varying lengths included, ranging from 12 minutes up to 85 minutes.

Unfortunately, the DVD navigation isn’t the most user friendly, but overall if you’re interested in restorative yoga, or slower poses and movements sound appealing, then this is the best beginner yoga DVD for you.

20. Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond


Another different type of yoga, Kundalini Yoga for beginners and beyond, is focused on Kundalini yoga, and features 2x 25-minute workouts, with a total run time of 60 minutes.

Kundalini yoga is influenced by Tantra and Shaktism schools of Hinduism, and derives its name through a focus on awakening ‘kundalini’ energy.

This type of yoga might not be suitable for everyone, but if you’re a beginner and want to try Kundalini Yoga or a more spiritual yoga, then this could be a good yoga DVD choice for you.

Yoga DVD Buyers Guide

Why learn yoga from a DVD

When you learn yoga from a DVD, you don’t need to worry about looking silly, or comparing yourself to others in a class. Yoga DVDs also allow you to take things at your own pace, and it’s often also much cheaper to buy a good quality yoga DVD than enroll in classes anyway.

What to look for in beginners Yoga DVD

Ability Level & Pace

When it comes to beginner yoga DVDs, some are actually more advanced than others. You’ll find some DVDs although they profess to be for beginners, might be more designed for people who know basics but are still at an early level, whereas some will be targeted for people completely new to yoga. So make sure you choose a yoga DVD that is the right level for you.

Type of Yoga Routines

Yoga DVDs will often feature different yoga routines or yoga sessions. e.g. a 20 minute guided yoga session. These can vary significantly, in both their length of time, varying from 10 minutes up to an hour or more. Yoga routines can also have different focuses and designed for different levels of flexibility or ages. Some yoga routines may be designed to focus on building strength, some flexibility, others for relaxation etc.

As there are so many different focuses for yoga, and different types of yoga routines that are designed to have different benefits, you should choose a yoga DVD that targets your goals and what you’re looking to achieve from yoga.

How many routines included

Not all DVDs are a similar length. Unfortunately some although great quality will only be 30 minutes or up to an hour long, whereas others will have hours worth of content. So if you want to make sure you get plenty of content to work through on your DVD, have a look at the run time (which we’ve included for all of the DVDs below), to make sure that you’re getting good bang for your buck.

Yoga Instructor

This is a small factor, but most yoga DVDs are hosted by yoga practitioners, either professionals or experienced yoga celebrities. They all have slightly different styles of presenting, some are slow and detailed, others are quicker and more focused on action and movements. So choose a yoga host whose style matches the types of instructors you usually prefer, and it will improve your experience with a beginners yoga DVD.

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